Supercharging a Website

During this lockdown period, I reckon the average person has become more than attuned to what works successfully on a given website, and what simply does not. As an artist, one more than often resorts to metaphor to describe the subjective surrounding reality. In this the light, the build of a super car comes to mind.

The engine – How fast is the load time? What framework is the website built on, even a micro technicality decision like this may impact the performance of a website in the long run. A website built on a solid framework allows for scalability, functionality and versatility.

The bodykit – This refers to the exterior paint job, bells and whistles of the website. And from a MOI or ‘moment of impact’ perspective, this could be the instantaneous factor to decide whether someone stays on a website or departs. User Interface design plays an integral role, defining how a person remembers a website. As the saying goes: “Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.”

The showroom – As well constructed as the website may be, if it sits in a lonely corner in a room where no one passes by, it will not be recognized as successful. For this we have marketing, a mysterious tool which allows attention to be drawn to a development. There are many supercars, although hideous in nature became incredibly expensive as it became the talk of the town.

The complimentary cookies – When entering a supercar showroom, there is often an usher welcoming guests with a plate of snacks and drinks. This allows one to start the journey of the showroom in a state of comfort. Similarly, when one lands on a website, what steps are taken to ensure the user feels at ease? Has cookies been set up to remember who they are? And what value has been given back to the user for simply being a participant on the website.

Traffic – Hmmmm…. There is some extension to the metaphor here, but I don’t think my mind is quite doing justice 😉

In conclusion, what makes a successful website is not merely the exterior, interior nor the showroom alone, but an experiential combination of various technical areas all gelled together in unison. A good supercar producer like Ferrari understands this, and picks the appropriate technician for the appropriate skill!

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